•  SILVA Intelligent Light®

A wide beam in front of you and a long beam ahead of you


• USB charging function

Rechargable with a USB cord


• Lightweight

No need to carry unnecessary weight


• Safety light included

A red rear light adding extra visibility in the dark.


• Double battery packs

Double battery packs enable long runs and races.


Battery: 1x Rechargeable 1.8Ah LiPo USB (external battery pack), 3x AAA (external battery pack)


Battery indication: Shows battery status when turned off


Beam pattern: Intelligent Light® – optimized light distribution


Bulb type: 1 x red/green LED, 2 x semi high power LEDs


Charging time: 4h


Light distance: 65m


Light modes: Max, Min, Blink


Light output: 250 Lumen


USB easy charge: Yes


Weight (incl. batteries): 121g, 154g (3xAAA)


110,00 €

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